Residential Electrical Services

  • Never forget your lights on again. Whether your on vacation or just got to work, with this handy app you can remotely turn your lights on or off from anywhere in the world. Call us to see what other applications we have found uses for this technology with.
  • Bring new life to any room or outdoor space. New LED technology not only looks great but saves money while doing so.
  • Add, fix, or replace outlets in your home. Gain safety with both AFCI protection and child safety with just a simple receptacle swap out or addition.
  • Energy savings, comfort, and style. You pick the fan and its place, we do the rest.
  • Tired of those old out dated light fixtures, or do you not have any lights in a room and wish you did. Replace them with recess can lights or choose to add multiple and see the cost savings if you choose LED. Not only will you be amazed with all the new light, you will also wonder why it wasn't there in the first place.
  • Replace those old fuses with breakers and forget having to go to the store again to grab more fuses when one goes out. Also ask your insurance provider if you would receive a discount by installing a new breaker box. This adds safety, convenience, and piece of mind to any new possible buyers.
  • New surge assure home surge protection.