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  • Receive great rebates, added safety, and lower bills when you change to LED pole lights. Many LED options available now days and you won't have to worry about maintenance cost for a long time.
  • Add that bright inviting look to your store and see how it attracts more customers with more sales. Not only does it look safe, inviting and new, it also make yours products brighter with the higher CRI (color rendering index) that comes with LED vs older common fluorescent fixtures.
  • Have a building that has multiple tenants? Wish you could split that electrical bill without the expensive 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, etc. meter charges. Try out CT metering and finally charge out the electricity your not using.
  • The larger the building the more important it is to harvests natural light coming through the windows and shutting off lights in rooms that no one is in. With today's advanced sensors and fixtures you will be amazed how every piece of the puzzle counts when trying to become more energy efficient.

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